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There Will Be Stars is the new work of Inuk singer, composer, and filmmaker Elisapie Isaac. This, her first solo recording, is the muc anticipated follow-up to the internationally acclaimed, award winning duo Taima which she co-founded with guitarist/composer Alain Auger in 2001. The album came out in Canada via Maple Music, and is due for digital release in the US on 1/11/11.

There Will Be Stars is not so much an album as a seduction from somewhere distant, somewhere otherwolrdly. Sometimes full of joy, sometimes lined with melancholy, at times pop, at times folk, at times sung poems from the North – is it Polar pop? Arctic Electric? New cool?

Elisapie Isaac was born of an Inuk mother and a Newfoundland father. She was adopted at birth by an Inuit family and was raised in the isolated community of Salluit, Nunavik – the Great North.