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En is the duo of San Francisco based multi-instrumentalists Maxwell August Croy and James Devane, and “The Absent Coast ” is their debut collection of recordings. The pair utilize a wide range of instrumentation – koto, guitar, vocals, rhodes, melodica, and piano, among other devices – which is processed and refined into rich walls of reverberant bliss . With its hazy atmospherics, microtonal drones and plaintive tones, the album evokes the type of unplaceable nostalgia that accompanies the imaginary landscapes of distant memory. A diverse and carefully considered document, “The Absent Coast ” is all soaring peaks, shadowed valleys and expansive plains. Edition of 300 LP ‘s.

Byron Westbrook (b. 1977) is an artist working with the dynamic quality of physical space using multi-channel sound, images, and objects. His audio/video performances under the name CORRIDORS involve the distribution of processed instrumental and environmental recordings through a multi-channel environment. His installation-based work explores unique and participatory listening formats utilizing common tecnology. He has presented at venues such as Tonic, Roulette, The Stone, Diapason Gallery, Issue Project Room, Experimental Intermedia, Exit Art Gallery, (NYC), Les Voûtes (FR), Wien Konzerthaus (Austria), O ‘ (Milano), Cave12 (Geneva), NonEvent (Boston), Sonic Circuits Festival (DC), Institute of Intermedia (CZ). He has shared performance bills with Tony Conrad, Phill Niblock, Jandek, Oren Ambarchi, Lawrence English, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Greg Davis, Maria Chavez, Alessandro Bosetti, Jason Kahn, Jon Mueller, Tetuzi Akiyama, among many others. Westbrook has also collaborated with Paris-based composer and former Kitchen curator Rhys Chatham in the drone metal group Essentialist (Table of the Elements), as well as performed in the ensembles of Phill Niblock, Rhys Chatham, Glenn Branca, Duane Pitre, David Watson and Jonathan Kane. He has worked as technical coordinator of Phill Niblock ‘s Experimental Intermedia Foundation since 2004. In 2007, he was the recipient of the Jerome Foundation Emerging Artists Commission through Roulette Intermedium. In 2008 he was an artist in residence at Hotel Pupik at Sclhoss Schrattenberg. In 2010 he was an artist in residence at Diapason Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. A CD of CORRIDORS was released in 2010 on Sedimental Records. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and is completing MFA studies in sound at Bard College.

Last time I saw Brooklyn electronic duo Future Shuttle perform live — at Piano’s on the Lower East Side, accompanied by flute player Lizzie Harper, who now joins them for most of their performances — I remember feeling the same way I once felt when I was lucky enough to receive a foot massage from a friend: shocked by a sudden apprehension of my inner exhaustion, then shocked by all the emotions that start to well up when you let your guard down without knowing it. With their new Water’s Edge EP, out this year on Kip Uhlhorn’s new Intercoastal Artists imprint and produced by Sam Haar of Blondes, we discover their mile-long pillow-scapes in higher resolution, revealing an attention to texture and dynamic variation that can only come from losing track of time inside the studio, trapped inside your own spell.