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SHOW AT 9:30…

Hot Sugar and Aaron Livingston debut their ‘Young Vipers ‘ project at Zebulon before playing the Roots Picnic in Philadelphia at the beginning of June. Prepare for electronic beat ingenuity, the use of toys, and ultra funky hooks that will leave you scouring the internet for bootlegs. Aaron Livingston, frequent collaborator of The Roots, and RJD2 fame lace H0t Sugar ‘s colorful organic beats for a night of future grooves.

Matt Kliegman of Steamclam Media Empire has worked with Reggie Watts, Sigmund Droid, and 33HZ will showcase special films, and visuals from his private empire-sized media Vault to open the night.

DJ Brad Loving¬† ALL NIGHT …will host a nice night of selections for the discerning listener.¬† Focusing on music from Africa, South America, and the Caribbean with a few forays into contemporary electronic music.

For a taste of what ‘s in store please check out Brad ‘s most recent mix at