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 A night , we hope dedicated to sound , quiet , exploring , space and feelings …


Equally fascinated by experimental and pop music, Sef shares passion and a smile. Armed with small instruments and a tall voice that has followed him from improvisation to liricism walking through metal, he drinks from diverse sources (Rodgers & Hammerstein, Björk, Jeff Buckley or Billie Holiday) with the same curiosity and combines a repertoire of compositions and covers. He likes the coziness of close and always has musical tasks in mind for a beautiful audience.


“Brooklyn-based electronic artist DATALOG, aka Conor Heffernan, explores the genres of jazz, electro, and world through tight melodies, swirling soundscapes, and infectious beats. Heffernan’s formal jazz training gives a nod to groundbreaking artists like Four Tet and Portishead; his penchant for tripped-out grooves makes this music fit for the club and living room alike.

After the live show, stay for an eclectic DJ set of r & b, electro, and classic soul.