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Brooklyn-based musician thomas bryan eaton is set to release a new EP titled, “When You’re Dancing” on January 25, 2011 through HCVS Records. The EP features four new songs, written by thomas, that can be simply described as rock ‘n’ roll.

Through staunch vocals and blistering guitar work, “When You’re Dancing” follows the age-old story of love in the bustling metropolis of New York City.  From blissful beginnings to bitter ends, mournful rebirths and fresh starts – though a bit wiser for the wear; thomas and his band tell the tale with an honesty that is both unforgiving and beautiful.

The EP was recorded mostly live at Rough Magic Studios in Brooklyn, NY, with minimal overdubs after the fact.  To capture the rollicking & good natured feel that he was looking for; thomas enlisted the rhythm section of Your 33 Black Angels (Stevie ‘Sunshine’ Stapleton & John O’Callaghan), along with Kevin Denton on guitar and John Palmer on piano.  Add close collaborators Basement Band, Serena Jean and Michaela Anne on harmonies; and the record was done.

In celebration of this release, there will be a concert at Zebulon in Brooklyn on February 18th featuring thomas and his live band, Hobson ‘s Choice.